The ads are automatically withdrawn every 2 days

19 Oct 2011 00:01 #4564

I bought the software and installed it on line for free. It worked well the thing is, although a few minor things had to be re-aligned.
The problem is that ads are always inactive Lessa. Already tried several payment categories, the user, and I activate the ads but does not work. Up to two days and withdrawn. Why? The free than it worked fine.

Google translator

Hi, I'm Hungarian, and I can not speak English
Therefore, I use google translator

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19 Oct 2011 13:34 #4566

This problem sometimes occurs, if you set \'payment in advance\' in the ad plan to \'NO\'. In this case, KISS Advertiser assumes that the customer pays the ad within two days. If no payment is registered by the admin, the ad is deactivated automatically.

Set the \'payment in advance\' setting of the ad plan to \'yes\'.

Ob ein Glas halb voll oder halb leer ist, ist mir egal. Hauptsache meine Zähne passen rein.
No matter whether a glass is half full or half empty - as long as my teeth fit in.
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