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Windows XP Gold Edition

Operating system Windows Gold

Nice old house

Searching roommate.

Olympus Digital Camera

Olympus E 450 Camera



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Please note:
This Classified Ads module is for demo purpose only while under development, setup & test phases. You can publish as many listings as you like in order to test this module thoroughly. None of the ad-listings being published here represent any real offers. The web portal administrator is not responsible for ANY of the content being published during this time. In case of issues please contact the administrator.


The category for dating, making friends and meet sb. Serious Messages only. Immoral offers will be removed.

Associations / Activities

Associations, hobbies, leisure activities - here you can find like-minded people


Computer and Computer parts, peripheral devices, tools, accessories

Subcategories: Adobe  Hardware  Linux  Microsoft  Software  



General Ads

Photo / Video / Multimedia

Cameras, Equipment, Accessories, CDs, DVDs, Blue-Rays, Memory Cards etc.

Subcategories: Accessories  Cameras  CDs, DVDs, Audio  


Real Estate

Houses, Apartments, Lofts, Flats, Sale and Rent

Subcategories: Apartments / Flats  Houses  Office rooms  Storage  Stores  



All kind of services.

Subcategories: Paid Services  



Classifieds for cars, motorbikes, bicycles etc.

Subcategories: Boat Trailers  Boats and Yachting  Cars  Motorcycles    ...


Lorem Ipsum - Kryptisches Geschwurbel

Lorem Ipsum - Kryptisches Geschwurbel…

Der Blindtext der Druckindustrie…

KISS Mitarbeiter - Sarah

KISS Mitarbeiter - Sarah…

Hallo, ich bin Sarah…

KISS Mitarbeiter - Sandra

KISS Mitarbeiter - Sandra…

Hallo, ich bin Sandra…

KISS Mitarbeiter - Nijah

KISS Mitarbeiter - Nijah…

Hallo ich bin Nijah…

KISS Mitarbeiter - Esengül

KISS Mitarbeiter - Esengül…

Hallo, mein Name ist Esengül…

Filofax Kalender

Filofax Kalender…

Filofax Kalender und Planer mit echtem Ledereinband…



Grafikkarte mit Teilchenbeschleuniger…

KISS Mitarbeiter - Lena

KISS Mitarbeiter - Lena…

Hallo, ich bin Lena.…

KISS Mitarbeiter - Jacqueline

KISS Mitarbeiter - Jacqueline…

Jacqueline grüßt Euch!…

Skoda Fabia V RS-01

Skoda Fabia V RS-01…

Skoda Fabia V6 RS-01 Sport…

Windows XP Gold Edition

Windows XP Gold Edition…

Betriebssystem Windows XP Gold Edition…

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