Frequently Asked Questions

KISS Advertiser
Is it possible to create user-defined fields?

In the KISS Advertiser PRO version, it is possible to create and manage user-defined fields.

What is the difference between the free and PRO version?

The PRO version has got a lot of additional functions and settings in order to achieve high flexibility to match your needs. See also: GPL / PRO version comparison.

Installation fails. What next?

Sometimes, installation of KISS Advertiser fails due to the size (> 8 MB) of the installation package. Especially on shared servers with many users, uploading causes a timeout error or the server does not respond any more. How to work around this problem is shown in this tutorial.

Are there different detail views for ads?

For any category a special view can be selected. In detail view 'user defined' images are displayed on the left side, technical data below the image. In our demo section you will find the category 'Vehicles->Cars' to be set to this kind of detail view. Every category can be set to a different detail view.

Are updates included in download price?

Once you bought a license, all further updates are included. The license is not limited and does not expire. If the price has risen since the initial purchase, only the additional cost is due. Example: The price for KISS Advertiser in the year 2010 was 25.00 EUR for a single license and 50.00 EUR for a multiple license. After many additional functions and innovations the price today is 40.00 EUR (Single) and 70.00 EUR (Multiple). Somebody having purchased a single license in 2010 would today pay 15.00 EUR for the new version.

Can the source code be changed?

As Open Source software, the KISS Advertiser source code is changeable. However there is one exception: In the free version, the copyright footer MUST NOT be removed. That is why all template files (in the frontend's 'view' folder) are unchangeable. A changing attempt leads to a component crash and the component must be reinstalled afterwards. All other files such as CSS files, controllers and models can be changed. In the PRO version, all files can be changed, including the template files. The copyright footer is removed in the PRO version.

KISS Advertiser can be linked to Paypal's payment methods Paypal Express or Paypal API Signature for business accounts. In this tutorial you can learn how to set up KISS Advertiser in order to work with Paypal.

As category and item titles are links, the styling follows the CSS guidelines of your template. Have a look at your template's CSS file and search for "a." and "h3" entries. Here you can change the colour e.g. with the entry color:#414141 !important;

Please keep in mind that changes on this have global scope, that means it affects ANY link in your website.


How to install extensions

In the PRO version it is possible to extend the software by specific modules. You can easily load the extensions from the KISS backend dashboard. Just click on the button "Extensions" in order to see the extensions list. Then click on the appropriate extension, it will be automatically installed. Please note: In the free version there are only sample data as extensions to be installed.

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