Bye, naggers! Starting with version 2.5.38, KISS Advertiser announces spam filtering for unwanted words.

KISS Advertiser 2.5Most users are familiar with this from their email programs: every day you delete dozens of emails that flutter undesirably into your mailbox, wasting time that could be used much more effectively. The GDPR has now alleviated the problem with stricter rules for advertising and newsletters, but no regulations help with spam messages or malicious comments. Filters and blockages can be used to quickly and easily prevent access to the nerves.

Internet advertising markets are also abused for spam or, even worse, hate speech or insults. It gets particularly annoying when some contemporaries think they can prove their originality with a small piece of JavaScript code. A pop-up window with a loose slogan is sometimes created to annoy the viewer. "Hello world" is one of the more harmless types.

Die Einstellungen findet man im KISS Advertiser KontrollzentrumTo rule this out, the KISS Advertiser advertising market has a filter function that can be used to eliminate unwanted words or terms. Simply enter a comma-separated list of words in the basic settings under "Unwanted Words" that have no place on the web portal. The basic settings can be found in the backend when you click the "Options" button. The settings can be found in the KISS Advertiser Control Center.

KISS Advertiser then filters all ad titles, texts, comments and emails according to these terms and deletes them if necessary.


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