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Tage wie diese (Days like these) General

Beloved by his fans: 'Tote Hosen' singer Campino in action Video Play  

ID Number

The video of the song Tage wie diese (Days like these) by German punkrock band Die Toten Hosen.

Song History

The lyrics describe the collective happiness while celebrating with music, expressing the hope that this feeling will never end (“No end in sight”).

The song reached No. 1 of the German single charts and won multiple awards, among others 5 golden discs (for 750.000 sells in Germany) and the Echo award as Hit of the year 2012. In addition to that, Die Toten Hosen delivered with Tage wie diese one of the most popular songs during the European Football Championchips 2012. Die Toten Hosen's home base is Duesseldorf, Germany.

Funny Name Die Toten Hosen

Die Toten Hosen translated literally means The dead pants, in German the idiom Tote Hose (dead pant) is used for off-time or boring emptiness. Germans say "Heute ist total tote Hose" when they want to express that "Today there is absolutely nothing going on".

The song is being sung in German. See the English lyrics of the song here.

You can see the video in the PRO version only.

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